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I’m headed back to my hometown of Lake Forest, IL tomorrow morning; just me and my little 21 month old. I have prepared myself every way possible, but I’m not even that worried since we’ve already flown 8 times and she even has a stamp in her passport… just call her a little jetsetter:)This will be the first time we are traveling just her and I though, and I’ve tried to simplify things as much as possible.

Here are some things I’m doing to make my trip a little easier!

I’m parking at the airport. I decided the $30/day is well worth being able to pull up a mere 300 ft or so from the terminal. Easy peasy.

I’m not bringing a stroller or carseat. Bringing either of these things would seriously limit the use of my hands! Less is definitely more in this scenario. There will be a stroller waiting for me in Lake Forest, and I’ll be renting a carseat at the car rental company. Yes, there is a carseat rolling bag on the market, but how will I roll my carseat and my bag and hold my toddler’s hand or hold her? Too much by myself. A stroller would be nice, but again, pushing requires both hands and my toddler is old enough to walk (she’s great about staying right by mommy). When I need both of my hands, I’ll simply put her in my Maya Wrap Ring Sling on my hip, which she loves. Other baby carriers such as a Tula or Ergo would also be super helpful before checking in bags. That way I can use one hand to pull the luggage and one hand to fish for my wallet, itinerary, etc.

I bought her a seat on the plane. Yes, it doubles the cost of travel but I feel like the added space will be sooooo nice. Another option is to cross your fingers and hope the plane isn’t full and they will give you an additional seat for free. Pray to the plane gods and hopefully karma will be in your favor. To me, that was to much of a risk so I went ahead and bought an additional seat for her. I think she’ll enjoy sitting in her own seat just like mommy. When she gets tired, she’ll just snuggle on me to get some shut eye. We’ll be able to put up the arm rest between us and have plenty of room.

Packed a bag dedicated just to my daughter. To have all of her stuff and my stuff in one giant back seemed way to confusing to me. I would feel like Mary Poppins or something! I like organization. I packed a stylish backpack (hands free!) dedicated to my toddler. It has diapers, wipes, pacis, extra clothes, snacks, board books, this toddler tote, and some mini puzzles. More than enough to get us through 4 hours.

So there it is, my tips for traveling with a toddler! I have found that people are always super helpful at the airport if you have a little one in tow, and who can resist a cute little face anyways? I’m so excited to visit Lake Forest; to breathe in the oxygen-rich air from the huge, dense trees and enjoy the lake!

Here’s a photo of us last summer when G was just 8 months old. Time flies! Now time for us to fly:)



When School’s Out, Book a Family Portrait! | Solana Beach Family Photographer

Summer is in full swing! I remember being a kid and summers seemed endless; the possibilities of each day stretched in front of me like an infinite string of time. I see all the kids playing together on my street  devising new inventive ways to occupy themselves and I’m reminded of what summer is.

Summer is beautiful weather, the outdoors, no school, families together. Less responsibilities (for kids at least), family vacations, BBQs, pools and beaches.

I think parents sometimes worry, “what are we going to do with the kids all summer?”, but I don’t think you need to plan everything. That’s the beauty of summer; it’s there for the taking, every day a new prospect.

It’s a great time to take advantage of open schedules and book a family portrait, or portraits of just your kids. Years are fleeting, and sometimes you don’t realize how important a single image can be. It sounds cliche, but a portrait of your child will always freeze a moment in time; that one summer you’ll now always remember because you have the evidence of what they were.

solana beach family photographer-2MHPHOTOGRAPHY


Class of 2015 |Take Advantage of Where You Live | San Diego Senior Beach Portrait Photography

I’ve lived in San Diego for 9 years now and the longer I live her the more I realize that it’s got to be the best city in the USA! Perfect (and I mean perfect) weather, gorgeous coastline, so many things to do and see, great food, nice people…. where can you go wrong? Back to the weather: in the summer time when the rest of the country is sweltering, storming or underneath a cloud of humidity, San Diego is stuck in the 70s. No wonder so many people choose San Diego as their go-to summer destination!

So all you seniors who are lucky enough to be true San Diego locals can choose the beach as your senior portrait session location… and be legit. Most likely you will return to San Diego after college since, lets face it, where else can compare? In the meantime you can be the envy of seniors everywhere and enjoy your last couple summers before heading out to the campus of your choice.

I love photographing at Windansea Beach; in my opinion the most gorgeous beach in San Diego. It has so many amazing photo spots that I can take you to. Call me up, email me or contact me through the link above and lets schedule your session!



San Diego Senior Beach Photography Windansea Beach Senior Photographer-LOGOsan diego senior photographer windansea beach photography michele hans-LOGOsan diego beach la jolla windansea beach-1_Fotor


Senior Portraits You Won’t Be Embarrassed About As Your Future Self | Solana Beach Senior Portrait Photographer

Times change; hair styles and clothing fads come and go. Many of my friends post their #tbt photos of themselves “back in the day” with a giggle about how silly they looked.

Your senior portraits don’t have to be a joke 20 years from now; they can continue to be classic and something you don’t have to be embarrased about! I love to photograph portraits with this in mind. My style is timeless and the goal is your portrait will never go out of style.

In addition to photographing portraits on location at the beach, nature reserve or in an urban setting; I also go to my client’s homes to photograph portraits indoors. This delivers a more classic portrait; using more controllable lighting techniques, as shown in this portrait:

solana beach senior portrait photographer-135RET2

Feel more comfortable getting your portraits taken in your home? Contact me today for information and pricing on scheduling your in-home portrait session!



Update Your LinkedIn Profile Photo | San Diego Executive Business Portraits

If you work in a business that relies on LinkedIn for referrals and clients, it’s important to have a professional portrait as your profile photo! If your profile photo looks professional, people will take you more seriously and it makes a great first impression; before actually meeting in person.

I travel to your workplace and scope out a good outdoor location to photograph your portraits. It’s totally painless and the session takes about 10 minutes. I know a lot of people dread being in front of the camera, but I can promise that you’ll be happy you took the plunge!

Every executive portrait session includes one retouched digital image to use as your profile photo. From session to digital file only takes about 3 days! You get your professional photo up in no time and let the new connections roll in.

These sessions are $75 for an individual session, but can be discounted down to $40 when I photograph more than 4 people, or if I’m photographing you a second time.

Email me today at or by clicking the contact button on this blog to set up your executive portrait session!

Happy 4th of July!!


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