A Visit to the Butterfly Jungle | San Diego Zoo Safari Park | Escondidio, CA |Sneak Peek

I took my little one to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to see the Butterfly Jungle Exhibit. The Butterfly Jungle is open from April 5 – 27th this year, so if you haven’t seen it yet, visit before it ends! There were some beautifully colored varieties of butterflies flitting about and landing on all the colorful flowers. It was so fun to photograph such a unique experience and seeing these butterflies for the first time. I’ll post more photos soon, but for now here’s my favorite from this morning!

How to Save the Bees


You can help save the bees by planting purple or blue flowers; which bees are more attracted to.

Honey has many health benefits that have been known since early Greek, Roman and Islamic times. The healing and antibacterial qualities of honey have been used for many centuries; to treat wounds, infections, kill bacteria, and to extend life.

Without bees, there would be no precious honey! The bee population is in danger, and it is important to do what we can to promote the species. Here is a list of ways we can help save the bees from Grit.com:


By removing natural fields and weeds and replacing them with lush, green, weed -free lawns, we have removed vast amounts of land where honeybees thrived. If possible, allow the meadows to return. Clover is one of the honeybee’s favorite flowers and it readily grows in the healthiest of lawns. Why not consider letting your lawn grow patches of clover and let it bloom?  Dandelions are also a spring time favorite of theirs too. Dandelions tell them that warmer weather is arriving. Often the dandelions are the first blooms upon which they feed after a long winter contained in their hives.


Whether it is herbicides or pesticides you should start reading the labels. Specifically seek out information whether or not the chemicals you are using are harmful to bees. This information is often hidden in the fine print but is required to be there by law.  Research alternative methods to battle bugs and weeds. These include white vinegar, cayenne pepper and insecticidal soaps.  Also, just because a product is organic it does not mean that it cannot harm honeybees and other pollinators.

Hours and Timing of Application

Apply products to plants when they are not blooming if possible.  Honeybees would not spend time on a plant without blooms. Apply the products during the very early morning hours or at dusk. During these times honeybees are more likely to be in their hives verses outside in the garden.

Purple Power

Honeybees are most attracted to purple blooms.  They love Russian Sage, Lavender, purple Butterfly bushes, Coneflowers (Echinacea), and Liatris to name a few.

Keep Bees

Last year, the US lost approximately 40% of their hives during the winter.  This set a new devastating record.  The honey bees are in trouble. Explore becoming a beekeeper or allowing a beekeeper to place a hive or two on your property.

Be Politically Active

Follow the current bills at the local, state and federal levels that are helping to research colony collapse disease, restrict and ban chemicals that are proving fatal the bees, and help to stabilize their populations.  The bees can’t speak for themselves but you certainly can!

Tractor Truckin’ at the Carlsbad Flower Fields

I heart spring. It’s all about fresh outlooks, new beginnings and blooming ideas. Spring shows itself beautifully in San Diego. Every year I am amazed by the many wildflower varieties showing their colors everywhere you look!

A fun attraction during the spring in San Diego County is the Carlsbad Flower Fields. This year the Flower Fields is having is best bloom in 10 years! Because we had a huge rain downpour (pretty much most of our yearly average in 3 days) all the ranunculus are blooming at the same time instead of gradually blooming fields one after the other.

There’s a ton to see and do at the Flower Fields; there’s a fun playground for little ones, a Sweetpea maze, a tractor ride, and TONS of beautiful flowers and plants to gaze at and purchase. I’ve already been twice and my daughter loves it!

Last time we went on the tractor ride ($5.00) and I couldn’t help but snap this photo with my iPhone. Happy Spring Everyone!


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