Vibrant Abstract Macro Photography | Fabian Oefner

When I first saw Fabian Oefner’s bright and rich macro images, I was immediately a fan.  At first glance the images look to portray something out of a science fiction movie.  The spheres seem to be moving, developing… doing something… what is happening in this photograph?  I had to know more.

Oefner blends science and photography to create these vibrant, abstract images.  In this series titled “Millefiori”, Oefner takes macro photography to a new and interesting place.  To create these abstract images, he combines ferrofluid with water colors, then puts it under a magnetic field.  Ferrofluid is a magnetic solution, so the iron particles within the mixture starts to rearrange.  What results are the black arteries, separating the colors.  The circular shapes in these images are only the size of a thumbnail!  The way they are photographed, in such great focus, adds to the vibrancy and richness of the abstraction.






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