9 Month Old Baby Beach Portraits | Windansea Beach | Solana Beach Photographer

It was her first time in the sand and was entranced!  I was so happy to document this little 9 month old’s first time on the beach.  She was enjoying her senses; surrounded by sand, surf and sun.  While she was discovering how the sand felt between her fingers, I love the details I captured of her long eyelashes and little toes.

Here are a few of this little cutie, photographed at Windansea Beach.  Speaking of, it’s been great how much sand there’s been at Windansea this winter!  Usually when summer fades away, so does the sand.  It can be difficult (and treacherous!) to photograph in the winter, especially with grandparents and little ones alike.  Not this year!  The beach has been blessed with lots of sand and I’ve been taking advantage!

Getting portraits done of your children about every 3 months is great when you want to look back at that first year.  I have to say that the 9 month old session is my favorite!  I feel like this is when babies have developed personalities and love to be silly.  It’s also (usually) before they start running away from the camera and I have to use all my tricks!







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