14 month old baby photos | walking, talking and being silly | Solana Beach Photographer

14 months has come so fast; and I have to say this is the most fun I’ve had with my daughter yet.  Her personality is shining through; she is cautious, knows what she wants, and is super affectionate.  That’s my favorite; I love all the hugs she gives me and my hubby.  She loves to be silly and I have so much fun making her crack up.  She says “mama”, “dada” and “baby” with her cute little voice and knows over 45 signs.  Sign language has been so helpful to us; she is able to tell us what she wants and needs without being frustrated.  When she signs to us and we acknowledge what she’s saying, she is so satisfied, and always smiles back at us as if she’s saying “that’s right!”.

She is cruising along and pushing her walker everywhere!  She is such a cautious little girl that even though I’ve caught her standing on her own, she doesn’t quite trust herself to walk solo yet.  She thinks about it too much!  I’m not complaining; I know when she’s ready she’ll be off and running!

Her favorite toys are her books and her stuffed animals; and she loves her Duplos.  Her favorite books are about colors and her new favorite sign is rainbow.  We can spend hours pointing out animals and objects in her books and she likes being quizzed on what’s what.

Her favorite foods are cheese and chicken (sometimes together) and her favorite places to go are the library and the beach.  We just have so much fun together and it is so exciting to see how she learns new things every day!

So here’s my little cutie pie at 14 months; looking forward to what the next month will bring!

14montholdbaby-10214montholdbaby-11114montholdbaby-11614montholdbaby-11814montholdbaby-11914montholdbaby-12814montholdbaby-12914montholdbaby-13114montholdbaby-134She loves twirling her hair!  So happy I caught her doing it 🙂

14montholdbaby-14014montholdbaby-14414montholdbaby-14714montholdbaby-156Aaaaand, photo shoot over!!!


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