15 Month Old Beach Baby Photo Session | Fletcher Cove Beach Park | Solana Beach Photographer

Photographer + Mom = picture taking heaven!

I’ve taken thousands and thousands of photos of Genevieve on my iPhone… But it’s the most rewarding when I use my pro camera for an impromtu photo session.  About once a month I use my photo taking skills to capture her in that moment; I know these are portraits I will always treasure.  I feel so lucky to be a photographer and have my own personal little baby model (who I love and is a mostly willing participant).

We’re approaching the 1 1/2 year mark!  To me, this age is the most fun so far.  Genevieve’s personality is shining through and she’s a sweet, silly and interested little girl.  She imitates so much of what I do (I’m trying to teach her my dance moves!) and is independent yet loves people.  Whenever we go out and about she always waves at everyone, much to the delight of the strangers we pass.  She’s very cautious and many people marvel at what a little lady she is; content to sit and read books for hours.  She is a good listener and loves learning new words and concepts.  We spend our days going to the library and park, riding around the neighborhood in her little car, meeting up with her friends, reading tons of books, taking swim lessons and going to the beach!

She took her first steps on her 15 month birthday (yay!)  While she is totally capable of walking everywhere, she is such a cautious kid (and I think a bit of a perfectionist) she prefers racing around holding on to her walker.  We practice her walking on her own every day and I know it’s only a matter of time before she’s running around!

Here’s my little rascal at 15 months old, photographed at Fletcher Cove Beach Park in Solana Beach.












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