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I’m the sort of person that likes to get out and explore new places and experience new things. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in my home as well. But after a day of staying confined in my house, a 2 hour morning outing or occasional all day out affair rejuvenates me.

I have two toddlers so planning (and preparing) is key! I also love planning trips and researching all things on the internet so I usually have a good idea about what the day will entail. The less surprises the better; but only when it comes to navigating. I plan the foundation and then let myself be in the moment wherever it may be.

So the last little day trip I took was to one of the most beautiful cities in California– Laguna Beach. It really has everything! Well, except surfing. Their beaches and coastal waters are marine sanctuaries; meaning no swimming, surfing, collecting, etc. While this may disappoint some people, it has only helped conserve the breathtaking landscapes from the almost 6 miles of coastal cliffs and beaches.

I drove up in the morning and it was one of those epic California winter days; crystal clear as far as the eye could see. The horizon was tack sharp and cut across the Pacific like a solid-drawn line. The sky being ultra blue reflected onto the water, saturating the aqua ocean. You could see the Channel Islands in the distance; mounds of land in the bubbling up from the water. It was perfection.

I parked in a residential area near Shaw’s Cove, at the north end of Laguna, knowing that would be my final location on the itinerary. I loaded up my double stroller, got the kids situated with snacks in hand and started the 2 mile walk down to the center of town, to Main Beach Park.

The walk through Heisler Park was a dream. There is a path that curves right next to the cliffs edge above the beaches. It was quiet, mostly locals taking a brisk morning walk to invigorate themselves for the day. Everyone smiled at me and the kids and I felt very welcomed in this gorgeous California-town enclave.

We reached Main Beach Park, where the kids blew off steam for a couple hours. This main park is right smack dab in the center of town on the beach. The kids loved the playground and had a blast. We had a little picnic under the shade of the lifeguard stand (no clouds on this day!) and took in the scenery. While Laguna is in Orange County, I really feel like it’s in a class of its own. I felt like I was on a tropical island far from home… totally rejuvenating! Just what I set out for.

I knew my little guy would need a nap after lunch, so I reclined his stroller seat all the way back and let him drift off while my older daughter and I strolled through the shopping district. We found a cute little shaded area with benches on one of the main streets and sat, chatted, and people watched. When my son woke up we headed to the Whole Foods for green smoothies and pumpkin bars. I love Whole Foods’ bite-sized cheesecakes… so we got one… or three!

Now I knew I needed a coffee. I asked the checker at Whole Foods where a good local coffee shop in Laguna was; could I walk? He looked at me like I was crazy but said it would be a 15 minute or so walk. Pffft, that would be cake. Little did I realize that the HIKE to Coffee Klatch was about 25 minutes of up and down about 4 hills pushing 100-plus pounds of stroller weight! Wow that was my workout for the week!

Taking a break from the hills šŸ˜‰

We made it to Coffee Klatch where I ordered an Iced Vanilla Latte… yes I was sweating and needed and iced drink stat! Coffee Klatch was a hip living-room style coffee spot with excellent coffee. Like top 5 best vanilla latte’s I’ve ever had; not too sweet and the coffee was very smooth. I silently thanked the checker that recommended the spot and enjoyed my latte on the way back towards town. Luckily going the other way on the PCH was a little more downhill than uphill and we made it back more effortlessly!

I past Main Beach back towards Shaw’s Cove. By now it was around 4:00; I knew the sun was setting at about 4:45 and wanted to catch the magic hour light at the crescent beach. I got rid of the stroller back at the car, grabbed some sand toys to keep the kids occupied and headed to the beach!

It was gorgeous. I could only imagine living steps to this pristine and magical spot. I soaked it all in while the kids played peacefully in the sand; an end to a perfect day in the perfectly beautiful beach town of Laguna Beach.

Until next time, stay gorgeous Laguna xx


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