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I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. When I was just 5 I remember being given a disc film camera to experiment with. I was told that since there were only 15 photos I could take, and that developing wasn’t cheap, I had to make each picture count. I took that to heart, thinking about each photo before I clicked the shutter. I started looking for interesting things to photograph that would be worthy of a shot of film. I still carry this belief with me, even in the digital photography world we live in. When there are no money restrictions to how many shots we can take (besides your time spent editing), many photographers take a lot now, and edit later. I use the more old-school approach. I like to set up each shot I take, whether it be a portrait or landscape; carefully thinking about composition, lighting, posing and the details, before I click the shutter. This not only saves me hours and hours of time in post-production, but allows me to deliver clean, finished proofs to my clients.

There are so many things I enjoy about photography. I love it as a tool to express myself, a tool to preserve time, and a tool to meet new people. Photography has always been my medium of choice because of its technicality and control I have over the finished product. It’s a very literal art form and I like the truthfulness of it. Behind every truth is a little bit of mystery and that’s where I comes into play. A talented photographer is like a magician; able to use light and posing to make their subject look so good they can’t believe it themselves! Part of my repertoire is good posing tricks that are unique to each individual that stands in front of my lens. I understand lighting challenges and enjoy the challenge of thinking on my feet when lighting changes, or I’m at a new location. Being a photographer means I am are able adapt to each unique situation I encounter, and I’ve learned to thrive on these different challenges.

I look forward to each portrait session I book because I get to experience something new, and meet new people! My portrait sessions are always fun, and in turn I am always pleased with the many fantastic proofs I can deliver to my clients. My session packages always include at least one retouched digital image, as well as the proofs in web resolution for easy sharing. My clients always tell me how hard it is to choose a favorite image from their session, and that is a huge compliment. I love being able to provide something they couldn’t achieve on their own: classic portrait keepsakes that they will enjoy forever.

I currently am based just outside of San Diego in Solana Beach, CA, and shoot most of my sessions in San Diego County. I am also available to travel to Los Angeles, Orange County, Hawaii, Chicago, and anywhere else my clients want me!

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