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Clear | Laguna Beach, California | Fine Art Photography

I’m the sort of person that likes to get out and explore new places and experience new things. Don’t get meView full post »

Small Towns, Trees and Lake Michigan | Traveling Toddler Tips | Lake Forest, IL | Solana Beach Photographer

I’m headed back to my hometown of Lake Forest, IL tomorrow morning; just me and my little 21 month old. I haveView full post »

A Bumblebee and Her Flower | 20 Month Old Toddler

I absolutely adore Leveret pajamas for my little one. They are so cute! These are my favorite; bumblee PJs with footiesView full post »

Photo Walk at the San Diego Botanic Gardens | Encinitas, California

I’ve been wanting to become a member of the San Diego Botanic Gardens for a while now; especially since having myView full post »

Fresh New Website!

I’m excited to unveil my new website! I wanted a clean, fresh design that highlights my work over the last fewView full post »

You’re 19 Months! Toddler Portraits | Solana Beach Photographer

May 22nd marks my daughter’s 19 month birthday! I can’t believe that soon I will no longer be countingView full post »

Ladybug Release | Del Mar Armstrong Garden Center Giveaway

I was excited to find out that Armstrong Garden Center was handing out free ladybug packets. I thought it would be a funView full post »

Air Baby | Solana Beach Photographer

I love this photo I took of my little being tossed in the air by my hubby. She obviously loves the feeling of beingView full post »

Picture Perfect | Switzerland Landscapes

I just got home from a wonderful vacation to Switzerland. I actually have more family living in Switzerland than theView full post »

Visiting the Butterfly Jungle | San Diego Zoo Safari Park | Escondido, CA

Every spring, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, CA opens the Butterfly Jungle to visitors. It’s soView full post »

A Visit to the Butterfly Jungle | San Diego Zoo Safari Park | Escondidio, CA |Sneak Peek

I took my little one to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to see the Butterfly Jungle Exhibit. The Butterfly Jungle is openView full post »

How to Save the Bees

Honey has many health benefits that have been known since early Greek, Roman and Islamic times. The healing andView full post »

Tractor Truckin’ at the Carlsbad Flower Fields

I heart spring. It’s all about fresh outlooks, new beginnings and blooming ideas. Spring shows itself beautifullyView full post »

Firefighter Baby | San Diego Photography

Firefighting is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Here’s my daughter in her dad’s firefightingView full post »

300 Likes! Michele Hans Photography on Facebook

Thanks to everyone who has liked me on Facebook!  My photography page now has 300 likes… exciting! My facebookView full post »