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Happy Fall! Big Sur, California Photography | Photography Filters

I’m still mulling over the many photos I took while camping in Big Sur, CA. I really enjoyed photographing all theView full post »

Small Towns, Trees and Lake Michigan | Traveling Toddler Tips | Lake Forest, IL | Solana Beach Photographer

I’m headed back to my hometown of Lake Forest, IL tomorrow morning; just me and my little 21 month old. I haveView full post »

Picture Perfect | Switzerland Landscapes

I just got home from a wonderful vacation to Switzerland. I actually have more family living in Switzerland than theView full post »

Entering the San Diego County Fair Photography Contest | California State Park Category

I was excited to see a new category for the San Diego County Fair named California State Parks. My little family and IView full post »

Travel Notebook |West Coast Beaches | Big Sur, California

This past September my husband, 11 month old daughter and I loaded up my in-laws RV and drove up to Big Sur, CaliforniaView full post »

Hollywood | Solana Beach Photographer

Hollywood: to the illusion, the magic and the mystery. Share this:FacebookPinterestTwitterEmailTumblrView full post »

travel notebook | big sur

Just got back from a week long camping trip in Big Sur, California.  The rugged, untouched landscapes took me back to aView full post »


I feel most alive when I’m traveling; exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.  I came acrossView full post »

hawaii dreaming

I love going through old photos and remembering what I’ve seen and where I’ve been.  I can be transportedView full post »

travel notebook | Ronda, Andalucia

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Travel Notebook | Biarritz, France

Back in 2009 I traveled around Spain for a month and it was a great experience to be immersed in the language andView full post »

a year ago today

A year ago today I was spending my last few days in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  I absolutely love that city; most of allView full post »

flying with an infant doesn’t have to be scary

I was nervous.  I get a little anxious flying; and not the actual plane in the air anxiety.  More about the logisticsView full post »

Myrtle the Turtle

I was taking my daily stroll with Genevieve in tow at Sunset Beach here in Oahu (actually I take about 3 walks a dayView full post »

Best Beaches

I’m currently writing this blog from the North Shore of Oahu.  You might be thinking, “why is she bloggingView full post »